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Size: 36" x 48"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2008

Price: $4,500.
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Carousel, brings to mind the enjoyment and appreciation of an icon, presented without the traditional style of horses nor ornamentation. It is a revival of the shape of the carousel, in particular my admiration to its dome shape.

A large frontal perspective of the carousel is surrounded by a colorful sunrise. Above the carousel are seated industrial structures into the horizon line. It could be the beginning of a musical composition. No pedestrians nor performers are nearby. This carousel wishes to participate with the new audience-to-be! To learn more about Tomorrowland series read here

Carousel was first exhibited @ Roll Up Gallery's group exhibition titled, Idealization of Shapes July 29th - August 14th, 2011. Carousel was also exhibited during Araujo's solo show, Tomorrowland Today, at the Trade in Sacramento, from April 18th to July 31st, 2015.

Welcome to Tomorrowland, Inside Magazine, by Jessica Laskey, July 2015, page 56.
Tomorrowland paintings featured in "Good Day Sacramento" at the Trade, May 2015.
Tomorrowland paintings featured in "Good Day Sacramento" at The Trade, April, 2015.
"Idealization of Shapes" @ Roll Up, by Alan Bamberger @, July, 2011.

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