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Size: 18" x 24"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2017

To inquire about this piece, please contact STUDIO Gallery


"Hershey's" presents the iconic building facade of the original Hershey's chocolate factory (also known as Chocolate World) in Hersheys, Pennsylvania, painted in earthy candy-like tones. I've been fascinated by the facades of chocolate storefronts/factories and industrial plants, and have dedicated a series in years past. Even though, I've not had the pleasure to visit the original Hershey's, I've enjoyed tasting Hersheys chocolates and like many folks out there, love chocolate! With this new painting, I wish to share a glimpse to its intriguing place. This is my second painting I've done of Hershey's chocolate factory. To see the first piece I painted back in 2011, visit here!

"Hershey's" will be exhibited at STUDIO Gallery for upcoming annual group show, "Delicious", in San Francisco, this September 2017.

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