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Court of Pacifica
Size: 36" x 24"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2014

Price: $2,800.
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This painting is inspired by the beautiful statue of Pacifica, built in plaster by Ralph Stackpole, that stood at her court in 1939 to 1940, during San Francisco's last World Fair - Golden Gate International Exposition held at Treasure Island.

Pacifica was the theme statue for the exposition, representing world peace, neighborliness, and the power of a unified Pacific coast. She was a monumental site, a peaceful, contemplative, almost prayer-like female figure as if welcoming guests at the fair.

"Behind Pacifica was a curtain of stars that moved from left to right, powered by a motor, making low and high sounds. Pacifica's prayer curtain was to help carry fairgoers' prayers for peace up to heaven. The wall behind Pacifica, was 100 feet high. The Court of Pacifica was beautifully lit with concealed, indirect light: the walls and other surfaces were designed so that lights could be hidden in recesses or below eye level of visitors so that buildings appeared to glow from within" (excerpt taken from Anne Schloebelen's article from her blog).

Court of Pacifica was first exhibited at the reception & lecture by Therese Poletti, "Architect of the Pacific", at Treasure Island on April 12th, 2014. This painting was later exhibited at Lets go to the fair, to accompany lecture by Kathryn Ayres, hosted by the San Francisco Museum & Historical Society at the Old Mint in San Francisco, July 8th, 2014. This painting will be exhibited at the Old Mint during "SF History Days" with the Treasure Island Museum, March 2017.

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