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Artist at Work
Size: 24" x 20"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2015

Salazar Collection, Bogota, Colombia

Artist at Work is inspired by a photograph taken from Richard Reinhardt's book "Treasure Island 1939-40: The Exposition Years". At the far left background stands the iconic, Tower of the Sun and closer to the viewer is artist Leland Clutter, painting the landmarks of the Treasure Island fair onto Dorothy Drew's open back (one of Sally Sand's Music Box lovelies) during the Golden Gate International Exposition that was held at Treasure Island- the last Art Deco World's fair.  Original photo here!

It is a sweet moment I wish to re-capture in oils on canvas, interpreted as unfinished, in more loose, abstracted style and this time adding my own touch - hand in latex glove (seen at lower right corner) with a brush painting the artist-in-action. This painting suggests continuation of the artist painting. Thus, the cycle continues of painterly gesture and admiration to a special moment in time.

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