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Where To?
Size: 40" x 47"
Medium: Oil on panel
Date: 2002

Middle Collection, Oakland, CA.

Where To?
signifies a moment in time, rendered image that had been repetitive and recurring during creative process. It also comments on my observation of Mondrian, and how I felt influenced by his minimal approach. Although my technical handling was more like a game, finding ‘awe’ within the application of each painted square, and the love to applying color. The composition can be perceived as architectural, in which arches and entrances are the main links. Depth between the squares and arches are found. It is frontal, yet flows. Where To? also, is a dialogue between me and the painting, as in “Where am I going with this painting?” and “When shall I stop?.” These internal dialogues also reflect a quality of joy in the making of the painting, and the continuous exploration of a theme.

Where To? was sold in 2003, and is residing in Oakland, CA. I received permission by my collector to include this piece during my Solo Show, titled New Paintings,  at SOMA Gallery, San Francisco, March 2004.



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