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Size: 30" x 24"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2004

Potts Collection, San Francisco.

One is constantly reminded of the passing of time. Momentum speaks about paying attention for one moment, forgetting to look at time or to count time, to block time for a while and celebrate the moment. It is the anxiousness and lack of time that is conducive to with unexpected events, the surprising revelation. In Momentum, a classical influence depicts infinite arcaded columns, surrounded by the usage of metallics, such as gold, silver and copper, for beautification. It combines ancient, classical and industrial constructions. Included is a silver colored water tower, and at the bottom five clocks showing the exact time – the repetitive and constant urge to look at time, yet it becomes enigmatic once the clock has not moved. One will look at time whether it is moving or not.

Momentum has not been exhibited since it was a painting commission.



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