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Cityscape Silhouette
Size: 14" x 31"
Medium: Oil on panel
Date: 2004

Cooper-Clarke Collection, Berkeley, CA. 

A horizon line created by the silhouette of a city is surrounded by a metallic copper sky. The buildings are painted in gray-white tones, so as to offer calm qualities against the coming excitement. One is drawn to the preciousness and beauty, while the city is sleeping, a magical and elegant cityscape, capturing hope and strength. It is an imaginary city, yet one can relate to if as a metropolitan setting, complete with skyscrapers and a dome.

Cityscape Silhouette is an investigation of architecture as desired environment. It brings to mind the Colombian myth of “El Dorado,” of La Laguna de Guatavita, 75 kilometers from the capital city of Bogota. This is the famous sacred lake and ritual center of the Muisca Indians. The Legend seems to suggest that the lake was made by a meteor which fell some 2000 years ago, and left an enormous circular hole shaped like a volcanic crater. The Indians interpreted the phenomenon as the arrival of a golden god who lived thereafter at the bottom of the lake. The lake became an object of worship, where gold, emeralds, and food were offered for protection. Cityscape Silhouette may not refer to the gold lagoon, yet it is a personal reflection from childhood, visiting to the lagoon and now imagining the lagoon filled of gold. My interest with an imaginary cityscape, clad in copper, continues to captivate my mind. How fantastic it would be to be living in a metallic city!

Cityscape Silhouette was exhibited during Patricia's Solo Show, titled New Paintings, at SOMA Gallery, San Francisco, March 2004.

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