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Old Emporium dome at dawn
Size: 50" x 25"
Medium: Oil on panel
Date: 2011-12

Valencia Collection, Larkspur, CA
Old Emporium dome at dawn was first exhibited at the Bayview Opera House in San Francisco, in May 2012, and was later exhibited during Araujo's solo show, ON THE EDGE OF DELICATE LINES, July 27th-September 7th, 2013 at Alphaville Gallery, San Francisco.  This painting is featured in Araujo's book publication, SOMA RISING, in 2012. Old Emporium dome at dawn will be on view at the Old Mint, in San Francisco, January-March 2015.

This painitng features San Francisco's Old Emporium dome. Once upon a time this dome was seen at sunrise, out in the open, next to a crane, awaiting for renovation. This dome was under renovation from 2004 to 2006, and since then, it is housed inside Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre, at its original address located at Mission Street, and in between 4th & 5th Streets.



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